View Full Version : What is the difference Copal No. 3 Vs 3s???

Will Thompson
21-Sep-2007, 22:58
I have several Copal No. 3 and one Copal No. 3s on the way.

Please, What is the s suffix for?

I tried the search but it is useless, I get no hits or thousands with no in-between.

Is there any way to use logical expressions in a LF forum search?

Tony Lakin
22-Sep-2007, 00:53
Lens threads in Copal 3 approx 58mm lens threads in Copal 3s approx. 56mm.
I hope this info. helps.

Carsten Wolff
22-Sep-2007, 02:38
Will, almost all dimensions differ:

....from the skgimes site:

COPAL #3 #3s
front thread M58-0.75 M56-0.75
back thread M58-0.75 M56-0.75
overall thickness 32 mm 28.6 mm
front to iris 17.7 mm 16.25 mm
mount thread M62-0.75 M61-0.75
lensboard hole 65 mm 64.1 mm
iris dia 45 mm 45 mm


Will Thompson
22-Sep-2007, 08:01
Tony, Carsten, Thanks for the info.

Is there any functional difference as well?

Carol Flutot
22-Sep-2007, 08:22
No, they function the same, for the insides are exactly the same.


Will Thompson
22-Sep-2007, 11:06
Thanks Carol, Just curious, are you located in whittier?

22-Sep-2007, 11:09
FYI: I have an older shutter, marked Copal 3, that has only a 56mm lens opening, like the Copal 3S. I haven't checked the other dimensions to find out if they are the same as the Copal 3S. This older shutter is one with a silver face plate, rather than the all black of the modern shutter.


22-Sep-2007, 13:54
hello ,
"s " for small


Carol Flutot
23-Sep-2007, 07:24
Thanks Carol, Just curious, are you located in whittier?

Yes Will, I am located in Whittier.


8-Jul-2015, 18:35
Carol Are the f9 14" LD Artar cells a direct fit into the copal #3 shutter