View Full Version : Mismatched lens cells and shutter

Dave Henry
21-Sep-2007, 16:54
I recently bought a lens off the popular auction site and the lens is an f:8 Fuji lens. It arrived in a copal shutter marked for an f:5.6 lens. Obviously the shutter has been switched from it's original one. How difficult would it be to find the correct shutter, recalibrate the lens etc.? Or, should I just return it and wait for another since they are common lenses? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Glenn Thoreson
21-Sep-2007, 17:06
You can get a new f/stop scale made to match your lens, from S.K. Grimes. Cost is 50 bucks, more or less. Depending on how the seller represented this, it may be a misrepresentation and if I was me, I'd return it. This is getting to be a common practice - sticking lens cells in any old shutter.

C. D. Keth
21-Sep-2007, 17:28
Is the lens the same focal length as the shutter is marked for?

Bob Salomon
21-Sep-2007, 17:35
Your main problem may not be the scales. Even more important is the spacing of the cells in the shutter.