View Full Version : who made the Commercial-Astragon

david clark
23-Jul-2000, 14:07
I recently came by a Commercial-Astragon, 1:6.3, f=250mm (10"), No 97540. Does a nyone know anything about this? It looks to be a coated tessar type mounted in a Copal No 3. This wouldn't be the famous Congo product would it? Thanks, David

Kevin Kemner
23-Jul-2000, 15:55

I don't have my lens resource in front of me but I think it was Ilex.

sheldon hambrick
23-Jul-2000, 20:41

Kevin Kemner
23-Jul-2000, 23:35
Well, guess I'm getting too old to trust my memory. Sorry for the misleading information.

david clark
25-Jul-2000, 23:06
Thanks all, I contacted Congo, and they confirmed it was their's.