View Full Version : P-cat for Double use Negatives

G Benaim
21-Sep-2007, 12:22
Hi all,

I just started using p-cat HD for my 8x10 negs, and am intending to print them initially on graded silver papers, but would like eventually to use them on silver-chloride and platinum. From what I've read, the brown stain is very good for this sort of use, but I have a few questions. First, what grade of graded paper should I be 'aiming' at if I want later to use AZO or PP? Second, in the PF instruction sheet, and in posts I've read, it's reccomended that one develop 30% more for printing on VC papers than on graded ones, yet the Sandy King article on unblinking eye treats them together in the graphs section at the end. Those of you who find yourselves in a similar position but have more experience w staining developers, how have you dealt w this? Thanks,