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adam friedberg
19-Oct-2000, 12:11
i am looking to get a series of nd grads and a compendium. to kill two birds i'm thinking of the lee wide angle shade with 2 filter slots instead of the separate filter holders. is it poss. to use the nd grads with the shade only?

Daniel Taylor
19-Oct-2000, 14:43
of course.

you have the shade with two filter slots (built-in), and a 4x4 ND grad. it isn't clear what you are questioning, and you have all that is needed assuming a camera and film are attached on the other end.

Larry Huppert
19-Oct-2000, 22:29
The ND grads from Lee are wonderful. However, you must think about how your going to use the grads before deciding on the shade w/2 slots. The slots are fixed, and do not rotate relative to the shade. If your always shooting in landscape format, and always orient your grad top to bottom, or always use grads sideways when shooting in portrait format, your proposed solution should work fine. If you do different things w/ grad, the fact that the slots don't rotate independent from the shade will be a big problem.

Brad Evans
20-Oct-2000, 01:15
Good question Adam. Unfortunately the Lee literature is a little confusing. Ther e are two paths to consider: 1) The compendium with built-in slots, or 2) The foundation kit which starts with 4 slots (one thin) which can then be expanded with additional slot kits or a shade. if you think that two slots total will mee t your needs, then the 2 slotted compendium is the way to go - you don't need any thing else.

Daniel: the Lee ND grads are 4x6 inches, not 4 x 4, thus allowing the transitio n region to be placed where desired.

Daniel Taylor
20-Oct-2000, 11:44
I meant to only mean that adam has a 4" filter, and not an alternative size that might not fit. I have the standard shade, and use it mostly with 4x5 and the Hasselblad. I suppose there will always be applications where something is compromised, but the flexibility and beauty of using one filter system for three formats is worth it.

adam friedberg
20-Oct-2000, 13:57
i'm sorry if my question wasn't clear. i am considering the purchase of the lee system wide angle shade with two slots and their nd grads. i wanted to know if it is poss. to effectively use 4"x6" grad filters with the slots in the shade or must i use the foundation kit? rotation is not an issue. i currently own none of the lee components or filters. i assumed the shade would accomodate lee 4" square filters. can the longer grad filters be positioned anywhere along the 6" side with the shade slots?

Daniel Taylor
20-Oct-2000, 18:02
> can the longer grad filters be positioned anywhere along the 6" side with the shade slots?

yes. and you do not need the foundation kit with the shade you are considering. you will need an adapter for each sized thread on your lenses. also, the adapters are threaded on the outside, allowing for the use of a polarizer or any conventional circular filter.

Brad Evans
20-Oct-2000, 18:37
Adam: You may want to get hold of the Lee catalog. It's much clearer and better organized than Lee's website. And it will be a good reference for your future filter needs. Jeff at Badger Graphic (www.badgergraphic.com) can fix you up with a catalog and answer any questions (and he provides excellent service and prices).

John Adler
27-Jun-2001, 20:51

As others have stated, there is no problem using the 4x6" filter with the two-slotted shade. You can adjust it up and down, and even rotate it if you're willing to retract the hood a bit.

Lee has just come out with a new catalog. Feel free to contact me if you'd like one.

John Adler Lee Filters USA (800)576-5055 jadler@leefiltersusa.com