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20-Sep-2007, 09:45
I'm about to try out several films I've not used before, for some landscape work and would appreciate hearing others views on them, plus any developer recommendations for each, including dilutions and processing times. They are all 120 size and will be shot on a 6x12 and 6x17 format.

They are: Adox CHS 25, Rollei Pan 25, Efke IR 820 and Rollei IR 820c. As far as the Adox and Rollei Pan are concerned, since they are supposed to be very fine grained anyway, I'll be looking for a sharp working dev. I've read that the Rollei Pan is supposed to be the natural successor to APX 25, (I'll believe that when I see it, of course), so I'm considering using a heavily diluted (1+100) Rodinal. Or perhaps one of the R 09 versions.

I'm more undecided about the two IR films though. I'm looking for optimum quality (obviously), so I'd prefer to minimise grain and yet maintain sharpness. You know, one of those easy things to do!

Your comments would be most appreciated.

Ron Marshall
20-Sep-2007, 10:40
XTOL 1:3 is sharp and very fine grained, and cheap.

Ole Tjugen
20-Sep-2007, 12:06
Those IR films are quite fine-grained anyway, so Rodinal should be as good as with any other film. Neofin Blau or Beutler's would be my forst choise with the 25's - and should be good with the IR's too.

I wonder if the first two films may not be the same film under different names - and the same with the two IR films?