View Full Version : Attaching Mamiya 645 to Linhof Master

Mr. Oddy Lekagul
19-Oct-2000, 08:48
Hello, thanks to anybody who can help me. I have both the Mamiya 645 and a Linho f Master. For some projects it is more affordable to use 645 format. The problem is that I want the same movements as the large format. Can anybody offer any ve ry easy solutions to mounting the Mamiya 645 body onto the back of a Linhof Mast er. Are there any pre-manufactured adapters? Home-made and handmade adapters cou ld be cheaper? Is it easier to make an adapter out of wood or aluminum? The adap ter could attach to the Graflock on the back of the Linhof?

Many thanks!!!

David Grandy
19-Oct-2000, 11:35
I think that you'd be better off with a roll film back.

Bob Salomon
19-Oct-2000, 17:25
The Linhof 001693 adapter allows you to mount any hasselblad film back or a digital back for a Hasselblad to any camera with an International or Graflock back. This includes the master technika but not a Technika III.

It would be far simpler to simply use this adapter and a Hasselblad back then attept to mount a camera body on the back.

Pete Andrews
20-Oct-2000, 06:36
Mounting the whole camera body won't get you much usable movement. As soon as you shift the lens off-axis, then the camera body itself, or rather its lens mounting hole, will start to vignette the light from the LF lens. You might get away with some swing and tilt, that's about all.Save yourself the Hassel (sic), and get a rollfilm back.My personal point of view is that, if you're going to go to the trouble of using an LF camera, you might as well use LF film as well. Just MHO.