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Deane Johnson
19-Sep-2007, 07:31
Just stumbled into this site and had to join. I began shooting large format back in 1970, attended two Ansel Adams Workshops (when Ansel was still teaching them), and generally became obsessed.

Age has caught up with me and I don't pursue it any longer, but this forum sure brings back some memories.

I still have all of my gear and once I get my act together will be offering it for sale in the FS section. Things like 8X10 Deardorff, old Linhof Kardan Color (Technica on a monorail), Tachahara, etc. Lots of lenses, Schneider, Nikon, etc., all pristine. All of my lenses cover up to 8X10 and all lenses are mounted to fit on all three view cameras. It will be a shame to break up the setup. Great to see people still using these things though. I was afraid large format might die. There's nothing like the feel of a great view camera.

Walter Calahan
19-Sep-2007, 07:59
Large format won't die if you don't sell your gear and instead start using it again.

Here's some of what I'm doing with 8x10: http://www.walterpcalahan.com/Cheers/Carroll%20County.html

Now go out and shoot. Grin.

kevin kelly
19-Sep-2007, 10:48
Hi Deaned - this is a great website!

Deane Johnson
19-Sep-2007, 14:40
By the way, my first name is Deane, not Deaned as I mistyped when registering. It's pronounced Dean, but my Mother got fancy with the spelling when I was born some 72 years ago.

I've emailed the webmaster asking if they can correct it.

How I would have loved a site like this when I started into serious view camera work (as a hobby) back in 1970. Back then, view cameras were just beginning a major resurgence.

19-Sep-2007, 23:58
Hi Dean,

Where in the Heartland are you located? I am here also.


20-Sep-2007, 00:52
Welcome Deane! I feel so lucky to have the wealth of knowledge here, as I'm still on the first steps of my large format journey, and I am only 24 :-)

Deane Johnson
20-Sep-2007, 05:24
Hi Dean,

Where in the Heartland are you located? I am here also.