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Pete Watkins
19-Sep-2007, 00:54
I have a 1940 coated version of a 127mm Ektar. I quite like the idea of a fast lens in the collection and it looks to be in good condition. The problem is that the shutter needs working on. What would you do in my position, is the lens/shutter combination worth the cost of a shutter overhaul? It's a Kodak Flash Supermatic shutter by the way.

John Kasaian
19-Sep-2007, 01:44
IMHO its worthy of a cla depending on the price of the cla. Keep in mind these won't provide much, if any movement on a 4x5 and are commonly available often for less than $100. That said, I find it to be an excellent little lens especially for handheld photography utilizing a press camera.

I have an uncoated version of this lens that I'm very happy with. I think the flash supermatics are good shutters (I've got two ektar lenses mounted in flash supermatics--the 127 and a 203) Check the LF Home Page on the blue banner at the top of this page for articles & info on these ektars.

Mark Sampson
19-Sep-2007, 05:58
Take a look at SK Grimes' site for background info on the shutter. I'd get it fixed, myself. I have a lens in a c.1948 Supermatic that was last serviced in 1989 and still works fine. The lens is quite sharp, and covers its intended format, 3.25"x4.25", quite well. (Is that quarter-plate?) It's a stretch for 4x5, but I used one happily on 4x5 for 5 or 6 years.

Joseph O'Neil
19-Sep-2007, 07:16
As others have pointed out, it was originally designed for the smaller 3.25 x 4.25 format, but it was found out the lens covered 4x5 - but just barely. You often see it used on press cameras from the period. Good lens but very little movement on 4x5

good luck

Pete Watkins
19-Sep-2007, 09:10
Many thanks for your help, I'll make enquiries with Carol Miller.