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Joe O'Hara
18-Sep-2007, 18:34
Hi all,

We all heard about how RVP 50 would be available in the US by summertime.
(It feels chilly in here tonight.) I haven't been able to locate a source that has
the stuff, at least in date. East Coast Photo advertises it as being available, but
they offered me April-dated film (and shipped a 10-sheet box while charging me
for a 50). I was able to buy 50 sheets at Yodobashi Camera in Osaka last month,
but I might not be back there for a while. Any suggestions?

Joe O'Hara

18-Sep-2007, 18:49
Hi Joe,

Badger Graphic lists Velvia 50 in QL form in stock and 10 sheet boxes. They may not have received the 50 sheet boxes, but may be worth a call.

Jeff at Badger can be contacted at:



18-Sep-2007, 20:58
calumet has it also but you gotta special order it

order it from jeff at badger, hes great

Don Boyd
18-Sep-2007, 22:01
I purchased a box of Quickloads from Badger Graphics (www.badgergrahics.com) via the internet last week.

18-Sep-2007, 23:17
Hunt's has a past date special on Velvia on eBay right now. 100 sheets for about 100 bucks. :)

Joe O'Hara
20-Sep-2007, 18:05

Thanks. I've linked up with Badger and expect them to deliver soon.

I had a batch of RVP50 processed this week. It was the first time I have
used this material. I was really surprised at how it picks up the contrast
and color. Actually, it seems to be a little hard to control in high contrast
situations (sky and foreground, etc) suggesting the need for a GND filter.
But in the rain, I got a couple of images that have me thinking about going
out on overcast days, which are very common around here, except at this
particular time of year ;)

Joe O'Hara

21-Sep-2007, 05:39

Overcast conditions are optimal for Velvia 50. It will do better for shadow detail that Velvia 100, and is comparable to E100VS in this regard. What ISO are you rating the film at?

Alan Davenport
21-Sep-2007, 09:23
Thank goodness! I still have old stock RVP50 in my freezer.

Joe O'Hara
21-Sep-2007, 09:53

It seems to be spot-on at ISO 50, normal processing. I'll be
out again tomorrow and there should be some light clouds in the
morning so we'll see how it goes.


Aender Brepsom
21-Sep-2007, 12:11
I have just received 2 boxes of Quickloads Velvia 50 from Dirk Rösler's Megaperls Webshop from Japan:


Ted Harris
21-Sep-2007, 19:08
See my article on the new v. the old Velvia 50 in the last issue of "View Camera."

Jan Pedersen
21-Sep-2007, 20:34
Thanks. I've linked up with Badger and expect them to deliver soon.

Don't know of any vendor with a faster shipping than Badger. They are just plain fast.

Gary Tarbert
22-Sep-2007, 04:55
I am a big fan of Badger Graphics ,Jeffs service is outstanding because of our time difference if i have a question i email at night and there is allways a reply in the morning, I will continue to deal with Jeff at Badger as my first preference retailer,:)
for film & all items where shipping is practical , I have dealt with other U.S retailers
such as B&h (only because jeff doesn't carry nikon in mini format)and the delivery of the item was fast and efficient . in Large FORMAT there is no better supplier IMHO than Badgers. Cheers Gary