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Tony Lakin
18-Sep-2007, 14:31
I have a Cooke XV convertible in barrel which I am hoping will fit an Ilex No.4 shutter, I will need an aperture scale with all three aperture ranges printed or engraved on it, I was thinking of sending it to SK Grimes to have one made however I live on the Isle Of Man (Great Britain) and it would take ages to ship to the USA and have it returned not to mention the expense, It occured to me that someone who ownes an XV in an Ilex No.4 shutter may be able to help me by posting or Emailing a photo of the lens/shutter head on or preferably with the front cell removed so that I scale the photo to exactly the size of the shutter and print it off and use it as a template, this would be greatly appreciated if someone could oblige I would also be willing to pay areasonable ammount by Paypal for someone's trouble.
My Email is tony@tonylakin.com
Thankyou for looking:) :) :)

Walter Calahan
18-Sep-2007, 15:34
How about contacting Cooke directly? They are to the right of you on the map. Perhaps they might have an older aperture scale kicking around, or can adapt their new scale from the XVa?


Good luck. I love my XVa.

Tony Lakin
19-Sep-2007, 00:43
Thanks Walter
I too have a XVa which is great however I cannot see a way of converting the aperture scale from the Copal 3 to an Ilex #4 shutter I would think that the ratios of movement would be different also the aperture scale on the Copal 3 fits around it's circumference and I can't see any way of adapting it to fit. I also very much doubt that Cooke will have an aperture scale for an Ilex #4 from what I can make out Cooke only supplied the XV in a barrel mount and that the cells were subsequently mounted in shutters in the USA however I will take your advise and ask Barbara Lowry at Cooke Optics.
Thanks again

Tony Lakin
19-Sep-2007, 01:49
Hi again
I have contacted Cooke Optics and, unfortunately they are unable to help therefore I still need a solution, any suggestions?

Steve Goldstein
19-Sep-2007, 02:54

Have you tried contacting SKGrimes directly? It's possible they have the necessary info in place and could help you out without you having to ship anything to them. (This offered in complete ignorance as to how the aperture scales attach to your shutter...).

Tony Lakin
19-Sep-2007, 03:19
Hi Steve
Thanks for your reply, I have been in touch with SK Grimes and had a quotation for the whole job including mounting the lens in an Ilex No. 5 shutter and engraving the aperture scales, I would prefer to have the lens mounted in an Ilex No.4 as it would be less cumbersome, all the Cooke series XV lenses I have seen in shutters, ie Ansel Adams, have been mounted in Ilex No. 4 shutters when I asked SK Grimes if this were possible they replied that they didn't know without seeing the lens so I doubt they would have a pattern aperture scale for a No.4 shutter. They can engrave the scale either directly on to the front plate of the shutter or on to a seperate plate for attachment, in either case I would have to send the lens, barrel mount and shutter to them, I will take this option if all else fails it's just that I am fearful of loss or damage in transit to and from the US I also have to take the expense into account I estimate it would cost approx. $140 US for the scale and shipping which I think is a lot to pay, I would also be without the lens for about 10 weeks.

C. D. Keth
21-Sep-2007, 13:04
If it were me, I would pack the lens very, very well and ship it to SK grimes. Lots of bubble wrap and crumpled newspaper. They do wonderful work and at the end you would have a really wonderful, useable lens. It is a lot to pay but think of buying one of the new version ;)

23-Sep-2007, 06:23
Don't forget to get some proof of the postage to the US and/or your previous ownership, or otherwise the customs could charge you with VAT on return.