View Full Version : A compact lens to fold inside a Horseman FA

Steve Clark
18-Oct-2000, 23:14
I am looking for a compact lens to fold inside a Horseman FA. Focal lengths 90-2 10mm. Excellant image quality a must. Anyone out there with expirience with this ?

Trevor Crone
19-Oct-2000, 02:32
Steve, Rodenstock's 135 Apo-Sironar-N will fit the bill. I have the older versio n and it's a cracking little lens. It will cover 4x5 and allow some movements (i mage circle 200mm). I used to use it on the Horseman VH which has I believe the same front assembly as the FA so can be stored closed.

Robert A. Zeichner
19-Oct-2000, 08:05
Try an Ektar 203mm f7.7 This will fit with ease and is wonderfully sharp and covers 5x7+! You will need a 33mm slip-on series 6 filter adapter and then a step up ring if you don't want to deal with series 6 filers.

bob moulton
19-Oct-2000, 12:49
Try a Nikkor 200MM f8/9. It is an M nikkor. Small, very sharp. It would do what you want. Bob

Trevor Crone
19-Oct-2000, 15:20
Steve, Do you not require lenses to have a 40.5mm front thread before they'll fi t in a closed FA? This was certainly the case with the Horseman VH.

Mark W.
24-Oct-2000, 01:47
The Nikkor 200M is slightly, just slightly too big to fit inside the FA, I know, I have them both. The 200M has a 52mm filter ring and this bumps into the focusing rail assembly when the camera is folded. The 135 Apo-Sironar-N, (a great lens) with the smaller 38mm filter thread should work.

Mark W.
24-Oct-2000, 01:55
Oops, the 135 Apo-Sironar-N, has a 49mm filter thread, this should still work.

Howard Slavitt
24-Oct-2000, 12:25
Wrong again. The 135 mm Sironar N has a 40.5 mm filter size and will fit within the FA.

Steve Clark
26-Nov-2000, 21:30
Thanks all...Iwent with the 135 APO-Sironar-N and a 612 back. Performance,very good. Convienience,unquestionable. Now if I could just find a slip on shade that would be adequate...

Larry Gaskill
18-Dec-2000, 16:37
Comparison between Toyo AII & Horseman FA for field Landscape This has been asked by many but I am contemplating purchasing the Toyo AII because of its 12.5 inches of bellows. I shoot primarily landscape and anticipate using a wide angle most of the time with some tele work i.e. 240mm What is the practical maximum lens that is really being used with the FA in the field. This discussion of using a 360mm or 400mm intriques me. I would love to have a field camera at less than 4lbs