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18-Sep-2007, 13:01
Hello, I'm Boudewijn from Amsterdam in the Netherlands.

I recently started wit a 4x5 Cambo with a 150mm Rodenstock. Soon afterwards I bought a 240/420 convertible Schneider.

Before this I have photographed with 35mm Olympus since the early 80's. In 1994 (or 95, I'm not sure) I upgraded to Medium Format with Pentax 67 (or the Pentax Hernia, as we call it). The 35mm has been replaced with Olympus E-1 digital stuff.

Up til now I haven't been much of a darkroom specialist. It must have close to twenty years ago I last developed a BW-film. But I'm also starting with that again. I have been working in the darkroom of a printshop for over twenty years, so I didn't really regard it as a part of the hobby.

I hope ot learn a lot at this forum and I allready made a few small contributions myself.

18-Sep-2007, 15:12
Welcome aboard. :)