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18-Sep-2007, 12:16
I am doing some research about lens. I need someone to help to write an essay about large format camera lens. I need a professional photographer who know about large-format camera & lens well. Is anyone has much knowledge about large format camera lens? I specially need some kinds of information in my essay (current sales volume, view for the future sales trend, and manufactures research.) If someone can write all of these in an essay, I can pay for $50 per one page. Contact me at fluxunit.mission0202@gmail.com. Thanků.

18-Sep-2007, 12:46
Oh dear.... so is this coursework you can't write yourself...?

Ben R
18-Sep-2007, 13:19
Well at least that was more polite than one of the responses on the B&S board!

Fluxunit, if you had asked people for help with the information, if you had asked for sources, figures and just general advice you would probably have been overwhelmed with help. The way you have gone about it doesn't really do credit to yourself.

John Schneider
18-Sep-2007, 13:45
In addition to the plagiaristic and unethical request, sales volumes and other market data isn't something people give away. If you want to spend $3-5.K, you'll find market research firms willing to send you their report. That ups your per-page cost considerably.

18-Sep-2007, 14:57
Thanks Ben R. As you mentioned above, I need some kinds of sources, figures and general advice from this forum. Is there any way to get a trend or forecast information from LF lens? I posted it because I tried to find them in several ways such as visiting library, book store, lens manufacture web-sites. However, I did not get it and I am just beginer in Large Format Camera. That is why I do not have any clue. I just need your advices and $50 is just for the advise for my research paper (essay). Thanks you...

Ben R
18-Sep-2007, 14:58
Didn't really look like that, you wanted someone to write the thing for you for a fee...

Brian Ellis
18-Sep-2007, 18:42
Nobody here is going to be able to give you sales volume information and our speculation about future sales trends and "manufactures research" would be just that -complete speculation. You probably should be contacting the three manufacturers of LF lenses that are still in business and see what information they're willing to share. But I can't imagine they're going to provide you with their sales numbers. You could also contact some of the stores that sell LF lenses - for example, B&H Photo, Adorama, and Lens and Repro are all in New York - and see what they have to say.

Kirk Gittings
18-Sep-2007, 20:05
Try Bob Soloman at HP marketing. he is a frequent contributer here.

Terence McDonagh
18-Sep-2007, 20:23
Last year Schneider sold 7 lenses. Rodenstock sold 11. Fuji sold 19, but two were returned.

Next year they will sell 12, 9 and 11, respectively.

Schneider is researching Gallification, which is the ability for a lens to produce no actual focused image, but allows it to double in value when it is located in Nevada.

Rodenstock is researching short focal length lenses with infinite coverage.

Fuji is forgoing research in favor of their "taking back bokeh" campaign, in which they promote the use of the term bokeh only by native Japanese speakers.

You can leave the $50 under the mailbox on the northeast corner of 42nd St and 6th Ave.

19-Sep-2007, 10:41
Terence McDonagh...Thanks. I really appreciate. I can give $50 in person. If you have time, let's meet in Bryant Park to have a coffee time. It is my pleasure.

Sheldon N
19-Sep-2007, 13:27
ROTFL! Terence, you are too kind. :)

Greg Lockrey
21-Sep-2007, 02:01
The definitive story on largeformat lenes in a nut shell.


Better get David's permission first.

21-Sep-2007, 13:53
Well at least that was more polite than one of the responses on the B&S board!

As someone who's spent a lot of time in a university environment I have nothing but ill regard for people who cheat ("If someone can write all of these in an essay, I can pay for $50 per one page."). It's probably more serious in the biomedically-related areas I'm involved with - would you really want a cheating med-student turned doctor diagnosing you? What about a phoney engineer doing safety analysis on critical infrastructure or buildings?

Even when life & limb isn't at stake, you're cheating other people who do their own work by virtue of your artifically elevated grade.

Fluxunit can f*** himself. I make no apologies for being impolite here.

Asking for help with his research is perfectly fine; the LF community is a valid source of information. Asking people to write pages of his essay for him, for money, is cheating.

John Schneider
21-Sep-2007, 14:12
As a sometimes academic, I find this request reprehensible as well. It seems that, after the deservedly chilly reception here, the poster has tried the same thing, albeit toned down, at http://photo.net/bboard/q-and-a-fetch-msg?msg_id=00McfX.

Mr. Chong, learn some ethics, learn how to do research, and write the *&)*^$ report yourself.

Gary Tarbert
22-Sep-2007, 06:35
Hi Terence ,If Schneider only sold seven lenses in the world last year does that mean the 58xl i bought represents approx 14% of world sales!!:eek:

Gary Tarbert
22-Sep-2007, 06:40
sorry wrong symbol should have been this one:rolleyes: cheers Gary

Helen Bach
22-Sep-2007, 06:47
Yes, most LF lenses are given away by Schneider as promotional items for their more lucrative mustache wax division. Didn't you manage to get one?

Darryl Baird
22-Sep-2007, 18:50
Oh what the hell, here's a new edition (2007) book (http://www.camerabooks.com/ProductInfo.aspx?productid=LARGE+FORMAT+OPTICAL+REFERENCE+MANUAL), just awaiting the budding plagiarist.

$50 a page?, ha, I doubt you'd get a grad student to edit a thesis paper for that pitiful amount, much less do any serious research, and certainly not write something unethical, oh, I meant original.

I guess the idea of original research is foreign after all the "research paper mills" advertise such cheap prices for papers already written. Really, just sad.

23-Sep-2007, 03:05
I heard the rumours, as I suppose were the main source of information of Terence too, that due to the huge number of returned Fuji lenses, Fuji sold their lenses manufacture in Tchachikistan to Schneider. Now it look more and more like the marketing battle between Nikon and Canon, who sold respectively 189 and 211 pro bodies in the US market. But marketing being marketing, all theses numbers are probably inflated.
Good luck with your $50-page thesis. You may have to limit to max 10 pages!....

26-Sep-2007, 08:38
Sorry.. I think I makes a serious ethical issue on this board. I never meant to be like this. My original post was "Hi, I need some research materials about large format camera lens. Is anyone has much knowledge about large format camera lens? I specially need some kinds of information about current sales volume, trend, and manufactures." However, I mentioned about $50 is because all of you are professionals and I thought I have to pay for each of your help. Finally, I mentioned about $50/ page because I do not have much money. It is same meaning as "I will buy a coffee/ lunch" for me. I am not familiar with English because I am a foreigner. That is why I made this mistake. Sorry again and thanks a lot for everybody who gives useful information.