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William D. Lester
18-Sep-2007, 05:24
I currently have a 150mm Sironar in a 1015 recessed lens board. I'm interested in the new Linhof board that repositions the aperture scale and provides more convenient access to the preview and aperture levers. Linhof's website suggests that this system was designed for 38 - 90 mm focal lengths in recessed boards. It also states that my 1016 board can be fitted with part number 22512 which makes it a 1015 board as the actual boards are identical. Can anyone tell me if this will work with a 150mm lens and if the assembly actually works well? I'm interested since I have trouble reading the lens aperture scale with my camera at eye height and working the preview lever is a bit awkward with a glove on.

Bob Salomon
18-Sep-2007, 07:54
The board is 001015. It includes the scales, a levers to control the aperture and the press focus from the front surface of the board. The board that accepts these scales and controls is a new version of the 001015, It has a half moon depression above the recess on the front of the board where the scale fits. It has a red dot on the left side of the hole that is used with the press focus control. It has the new cable release quick socket that uses a very short cable release rather then the wire system on older versions of the board. This board is also different from earlier versions of the 001015 and 001016 in that it is not as deep a recess. The shutter physically mounts to the bottom of the recess rather then to a plate that used to be screwed into the version with the deeper recess to move the shutter forward.

The conversion kit 022512 would have only worked on this latest 001015 board. It was available in 2005 only and is no longer listed in the Linhof factory price lists.

Which board do you actually have? If you are not sure you can call me at 800 735 4373.

Bob Salomon
18-Sep-2007, 07:55
Or contact the Canadian Linhof distributor, Blazes Photographic. Our 800 # will not work in Canada.

david mcmahon
18-Sep-2007, 09:19
Bob, I was just reading this post and thought how nice that a rep from HP Marketing
would respond. I am a Linhof camera user also so it is nice to know that I could get questions answered by a knowledgable source.
Thanks for your participation,

David McMahon

William D. Lester
18-Sep-2007, 09:34
Thanks Bob

Can you tell me if this board is compatible with a 150mm lens? As well, I can't find Blazes Photographic.

tim atherton
18-Sep-2007, 09:37
Mike Boylan at Blazes Photo

but they don't have a website


tim atherton
18-Sep-2007, 09:39
more info here


William D. Lester
18-Sep-2007, 09:53

Can you tell me if the board is compatible with my 150mm lens?