View Full Version : Same center filter on 75mm f/4.5 and 110 XL

Douglasa A. Benson
18-Oct-2000, 22:29
I have both a Grandagon 75mm f/4.5 and a 110 XL. If I wished to use a center fil ter, could I get away with buying just one and using it on both (they each have 67mm threads) or is there enough difference between the light fall off patterns on these lenses that specific dedicated filters would be a necessity? I have bee n using them on a 4X5 camera with minimal problems thus far, but recently bought a 5X7 and will be testing the limits of the 110. Thanx,


19-Oct-2000, 03:16
This is not an answer. But I found at thkphoto website that Hoya also makes ND(x2) center filter. Probably cheaper. Anyone know which shop has it?

QT Luong
19-Oct-2000, 15:02
My understanding is that CFs are not specifically matched to a particular lens. See the filter article (http://www.cs.berkeley.edu/~qtluong/photography/lf/filters.html) on the main page.