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W. David
15-Sep-2007, 18:20
I am W. David, and while I have been into photography for at least 17 years, it has only been the last three years that I have been slowly inching my way into Large Format.

I have an Anniversary Speed Graphic 4X5, and a Toyo 45D. I've used the Toyo, because of the movements. I plan on getting to know the Graphic this Fall, using Polaroids.

I've been lurking here for a very long time, and had gotten very good ideas on what scanners to consider, among other things. I hope to contribute, but my knowledge is admittedly slim.

I have no idea what else to say, so I guess I'll wrap it up!

15-Sep-2007, 18:44

This is a wonderful site and resource for every bit of info you'll need. I know that this site has helped me tremendously. Don't be shy, jump right in!


kevin kelly
16-Sep-2007, 09:36
Hello - you'll find this site a great resource for us newbies.

16-Sep-2007, 09:38
Welcome! :)

David Karp
16-Sep-2007, 21:20
Welcome aboard.

W. David
19-Sep-2007, 08:31
Thank you all for the kind welcome!