View Full Version : 135mm fit in closed Master Technika?

Arne Norris
15-Sep-2007, 10:33
Does a 135mm Apo Symmar on a flat Linhof board (with the quick release for cable) fit inside a MT?

My understanding is that a 135 Sironar will fit with a flat board, but not sure about the 135 Apo Symmar.

17-Sep-2007, 23:32
I'm not sure that this is helpful, but I salvaged a 135mm f3.8 Xenar out of a busted Technika III.

It folded up fine with the Xenar, which I think is bigger than an f5.6 Symmar.

If you send me the dimensions of the lens I can compare to my Xenar.

18-Sep-2007, 04:03
Yes it does, but IIR you have to leave off the lens cap. It fits better on a recessed lens panel though. the latest ones are much more user friendly - extended controls and an aperture scale on the panel.