View Full Version : Wollensak 210 vs G-claron 210 for 8x10

Luca Merlo
15-Sep-2007, 08:04
I own a G-Claron 210 that I use for the 8x10 format. I would like to know if the Wollensak 210 is a better lens if used with this format and if can be easily assebled in a compur shutter (direct fit ?).


John Kasaian
15-Sep-2007, 08:46

Not possible without a machinist IMHO and if the Wolly is a tessar design or an APO then it is unlikely to cover 8x10.

Large image circles on affordable wide 8x10 lenses is a rare commodity. You might consider a Super Angulon but these are huge, heavy lens that I know would tax the front standard of my 8x10.

Kirk Fry
15-Sep-2007, 10:55
A 210 G Claron will just cover but the corners may not be all that sharp. The Wolly might or might not but it is not a direct fit to a Copal No 1. I have an old 21 cm (210mm) Zeiss Jena Tessar that covers 8X10, again the corners are fine for contract prints, but large prints would be a problem if it was not just sky. I doubt if the Wolly would be any better lens than the G-Claron. If it was me I wouldn't mess with the Wolly unless it is already in a working shutter. Go shoot pictures with your G-claron.