View Full Version : Film TRI-X 5x7 inches or 13x78 cm !!!

Miguel Coquis
14-Sep-2007, 13:56
:eek: Can some one using 5x7 sheet film tell me the dimensions of this film in cm ?
When I read on the Kodak box it is written 5x7 inches and 12,7x17,8 cm. Having some problemes with film holders I mesure my negatives and they are 12,4 x 17,6 cm. I took an Ilford sheet film for comparing and it mesures 12,7x 17,8.
Thank you for giving some light to this question.

The film holders I am using are 5x7 Fidelity Deluxe
Many thanks

Ron Marshall
14-Sep-2007, 14:13
125x176 mm

Miguel Coquis
14-Sep-2007, 14:48
Any idea for real dimensions on 13x18 ILFORD HP5 ?