View Full Version : Whole-plate Update

Richard K.
14-Sep-2007, 09:23
Today I picked up what's shown belowas an attachment from Rob Skeoch.

Now all I need is that darn camera! I placed a deposit today for one regardless of the ongoing deal negotiation but Rob tells me we need 2 more orders to enjoy that significant saving. So, could TWO of you PLEASE have an epiphany and order one! I had a mini-epiphany myself when Rob showed me an ebony Ebony....oh yeah!!!! :D

Walter Calahan
14-Sep-2007, 09:43
Isn't Toronto east of Goderich?

I'm probably mistaken. Grin.

Richard K.
14-Sep-2007, 13:56
Isn't Toronto east of Goderich?

Yes, yes it is....but, um, I AM west of the Humber (river in Toronto) and also east of Goderich, yes, so I don't get what you are getting at? Should I be worried? Is there an onthological problem? :eek: ...anyway, now will you order this camera? :) :) :)

15-Sep-2007, 14:46
Should I be worried? Is there an onthological problem? ...anyway, now will you order this camera?

Lol. Richard - you're probably the only person I've heard who can say 'Ebony' and 'ontology' in the same sentence.

i'm kind of dithering about this....I think a post-Christmas dead would be better in some ways. I've not fully excluded the option, although the other options are looking more attractive.

Too much existential angst and I haven't even started deciding on which whole plate camera.

The good news is I sold my Sanderson whole plate camera which I hadn't got around to a working standard. It uses bookform holders and is missing lensboard/tripod base. Ole was good enough to send me a tripod base plate, but it didn't fit. I kind of gave up and sold it, otherwise I could be trying to get this camera working for the next year.

The bad news is, the proceeds from the Sanderson won't cover the cost of a new Ebony.

Good to see that Rob Skeoch keeps Ilford whole plate in stock for latecomers.