View Full Version : Special fixer for T grain film?

Herb Cunningham
13-Sep-2007, 13:04
I notice Fine Art Photo Supply sells a special fixer for clearing the anti halation dye from tabular grain film.

What is the need for this?

Ted Felton
14-Sep-2007, 05:38
You don't need this. Standard rapid fixer works fine. Simply fix for 5 minutes; agitate for the first 30 seconds and then for 15 seconds of each 30-second interval after that. In other words, T-grain films need 3 times more agitation than other films.


MIke Sherck
14-Sep-2007, 05:42
Like Ted said. You don't need special fixer, you just have to fix T-grain films a little longer, and/or with greater agitation. Oh, and Kodak's guide to their Tmax films state that it depletes fixer faster than older types of film, too.