View Full Version : Processing Ilford Delta 100 in XTOL

John C. Morris
23-Jul-1998, 12:39
Greetings All--

Does anyone have experience processing Ilford's Delta 100 (4x5 sheet film) in Ko dak's XTOL? I contacted Ilford, and they said to contact Kodak. Kodak said to contact Ilford...

I've been using XTOL at 1:3 dilution with TMX, and find my processing times matc h Kodak's recommendations at EI 100 almost exactly. I've just started testing t he Delta 100, but it looks like EI 100 is a likely starting point. Thanks in ad vance for all responses. --JCM

JoEl BerBer
26-Jul-1998, 17:48
I use delta 100 with xtol and love it. You have to find your ei and temp. but re sults are excellent