View Full Version : Converting DDS plate holders (7x11 and whole plate) to film?

John Schneider
12-Sep-2007, 09:58
I've managed to collect a few plate holders (7x11 and whole plate). For instance, the 7x11 holder in my hands has a reddish-brown septum (phenolic?) with the words "Eastman View Plate Holder" with a 1904 patent date. It has two darkslides like a modern holder for sheet film but also a wood/metal insert that presumably held the plate.

Is there a way to convert these to film? With the upcoming Fotoman holders conversion of the whole plate holders may not be worthwhile, but for the 7x11 holders it probably would be worthwhile expending a fair bit of work.

12-Sep-2007, 12:34
Make sheet metal septums. My 8x10 plate holder still has two.

John Schneider
12-Sep-2007, 13:01
Yes, some kind of spacer would be needed to place the sheet film at the proper location relative to the GG. However, these plate holders have no slots for film, so something like a tiny strip of angle aluminum would need to be tacked in place to hold the film.