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12-Sep-2007, 09:38
I was given a film pack of Tri-X pan film dated Dev Before Sept 1978. I am pretty sure it has sat in a desk for several years and most likely refrigerated for years before that. Is there anything different with film in a film pack compared to regular sheet film as I did notice in View Camera Techniques a mention about the film being thinner.
I do have access to four film pack adapters, 2 Graphic 1234, a Graphic no number and a Grapflex 1134 so I could shoot it if I wanted.
Or I may just keep the film pack with my one roll of Verichrome 120 with a 1947 date that I found in an abandoned house.
And lastly were the packs reloadable. I have not opened the package so no idea what it actually looks like.
Thanks for any comments or suggestions