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12-Sep-2007, 09:25
I was given a film pack of Tri-X pan film dated Dev Before Sept 1978. I am pretty sure it has sat in a desk for several years and most likely refrigerated for years before that. Is there anything different with film in a film pack compared to regular sheet film as I did notice in View Camera Techniques a mention about the film being thinner.
I do have access to four film pack adapters, 2 Graphic 1234, a Graphic no number and a Grapflex 1134 so I could shoot it if I wanted.
Or I may just keep the film pack with my one roll of Verichrome 120 with a 1947 date that I found in an abandoned house.
And lastly were the packs reloadable. I have not opened the package so no idea what it actually looks like.
Thanks for any comments or suggestions

Gene McCluney
12-Sep-2007, 09:55
Film packs have been discontinued for many years. The film base is thinner than cut-film, but the film emulsions should be identical to the same film in cut-film versions. Higher-speed films, such as tri-x do not age as gracefully as slower-speed films do, and your filmpacks have probably developed a considerable amount of age-fog. You would process as normal for Tri-X pan, regardless of filmpack or other versions. Probably best, considering your films age, to process in a very clean working low fog developer such as HC-110.

Mark Sampson
12-Sep-2007, 12:41
Filmpack has been gone since 1992: Tri-X was the only emulsion available for some time before that. The film is on the same base as 120 rollfilm, so be careful of kinking it while processing. I used to use trays. The packs are not reloadable, as you'll find out after you open it: even if you could get any more film. It was a great idea for field and location shooters, and I'm sorry it's gone. Mr. McCluney's advice is good; but you can "rob the pack" and take one or more exposed sheets out to process. So you don't have to use all 16 sheets to find out whether the film is still usable or not.