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tom thomas
11-Sep-2007, 15:13
I'm Tom Thomas and new to the forum. I recently acquired five LF camera lenses of various types and ages and made a post on the cameras and accessories board about them. I should have made my post here but new member and hadn't scanned all the boards when I made my post.

If you are interested, you may want to check out the camera and accessories board as I'm willing to sell one or all of them. I'm 35mm/MF format and digital person but had a pang of "lense size envy" so bought a box full of them, 5 in all with some accessories, at an auction. One is a Goerz Celor F5.5 which appears to be just slightly older than I am. Beautiful old brass lens barrel. Another is a Pinkham with the beautiful chrome lens cap. Couple Wollensaks and a Kodak. They weigh a ton and won't fit my Polaroid. Kidding of course, but I don't have a camera "yet" they will fit.

I was going to set them on a window as light catchers but afraid the drapes will catch fire. I'm an old and old camera lover so would like to find a good loving home for these lenses where they will be appreciated and will be used.


12-Sep-2007, 05:36
Buy a cheap 4x5, I've got an Arca Swiss for onl $525 and the movements are wonderful (heck I'll even throw in two boards). LF is like smoking a pipe or reading Ulysses one chapter every week. You take it slow, think about it; even leave the camera set up for days waiting for the right moment. If 35mm is capturing the moment and thus requiring split second decisions; LF is like setting up a trap and waiting. And when the moment comes there is no faster camera in the world. There is no mirror to get out of the way, everything has already been focused and to look at a ground glass that is that large is a thing of beauty in itself.
That said, keep the lenses in the shutters, find a good place that does E6. Not sure where you live but if it is in the Midwest I can recommend Precisionimaging and photo. They handle E6 from 35mm to 8x10 and they might do 11x14 but I don't have a camera that big so I didn't ask. Now they claim to do the E6 for Playboy which could be the case since I am in Chicago. There number is 312 421-3338 and they are at 2219 W Grand Ave Chicago.
Tell me what focal length's the lenes are and the f stops and I can steer you to what to keep what to sell so that you can spend the least amount of money.

tom thomas
14-Sep-2007, 15:40
Hi, I finally posted photos of the lenses on the Cameras and Accessories forum if you'd like to see them.