View Full Version : Faint circles on 4 x 5 film

Eric Dusenbery
19-Jul-2000, 16:44
Help. I have noticed faint circles on my 4 x 5 film. Same spots, usually every t ime. At first, I thought it was only on b & w film but have noticed on some of m y trans. film, as well. Most noticable in solid dense areas of film --- seems to be usually in vertically composed images (?). I tried to check bellows for pin hole light leaks but didn't notice any. Lens appears perfect. Any ideas ?

Doug Paramore
19-Jul-2000, 20:45
Eric: I would very carefully check the area of the lens board for a missing screw or a fault in the wood or metal. I may be a very tiny hole. Try shining a bright light pointed directly toward the front of the camera with the bellows in normal extension. Remove the camera back and get under the dark cloth and see if you can see any light coming through. Have you checked the bellows with a light inside the bellows? Remove the back, put a bulb on an extension cord, drape the dark cloth over the back, and turn off the room lights. Some bellows that seem light tight look like a starry night this way. Do you have another mounted lens where you can change out and check if the spots are still there? It seems you have a tiny light leak somewhere. As an afterthought, is it happening on more than one film holder? Hope this helps.