View Full Version : processing 30 year old film

10-Sep-2007, 15:21
Title says it all. I've been asked by a friend to see if I can develop some 30 year old tri-x and ilford-??? 120/220 film. I know that pyrocat-hd with stand development can give some good results, however I'm thinking that d76 will be more predictable.

When I asked how it had been stored, I was told it was a combination of refrigeration and attic -- a dubious mix.

Any suggestions?


10-Sep-2007, 16:37
What about trying a clip test. It could destroy one negative on a roll, but I've done this on some chromes when exposure was very iffy to establish proper development time. Sounds like it might be appropriate in your case to see if you need to extend the development.

10-Sep-2007, 18:21
gbogatko, I recently have processed a couple rolls of b&w film, one after another, that were about 10 years old with D-76, they turned out blank. I was panic thinking that I've done something wrong during the processing. My co-worker told me that it is normal. S'om 'bout exposed silver deteriorate over time. I'm not an expert on the subject, but I thought I'd pass along my failed attempt to process old films. I hope you have better luck than me. And please let us know if you have succeed.

Kind regards