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Ed K.
9-Sep-2007, 22:26
Hi - I've been working for a bit with the Crane's Weston Diploma Parchment Paper for Ziatypes lately. So far, I'm pretty unhappy with it compared to COT320 or even the discontinued Platinotype, which worked fine for me. The stuff lacks wet strength, and well, it abrades easier than most papers. The warm tone of the paper is so-so, I can't seem to get used to it. Perhaps it's just me, but I'm really bummed that Crane's Weston Diploma Parchment Paper is the "worthy replacement" for Platinotype.

Has anyone found a suitable replacement for Crane's Platinotype? I was having pretty consistent results with it. I'm looking for a paper that comes in sheets a bit bigger than 8x10, for 8x10 contacts. Zia is not super picky about papers, however papers still make a big difference.

Any suggestions appreciated...

Louie Powell
10-Sep-2007, 04:09
Ed -

AFAIK, Crane's Platinotype was not actually discontinued.

My understanding is that Crane's had a production problem that caused minute particles of iron to be embedded in the paper. This contamination caused problems when the paper was used in processes such as Pt/Pd printing. But the fact is that the paper, also known as Crane's 90# cover, has much more common applications that are not affected by this problem. So while it temporarily lost its reputation in the alt-photo world, it was still being produced. And I have also heard that Crane's think they have solved the problem (associated with the shear that cuts individual sheets from rolls), and B&S are now carrying it again.

I have also experimented with Weston Diploma Parchment paper, and I agree that the warm color is not always appealing. And while its wet strength is better than the alternate I had been using (Crane's 32# kid finish writing paper), it still requires gentle handling. And supposedly Crane's were working on a version that would be whiter than the tradition version of Diploma Parchment. Haven't heard where that stands.

David Schaller
10-Sep-2007, 06:19
I agree with you, having just tried my first prints with this paper. I've gone back to Arches Platine until we can get usable platinotype again.