View Full Version : JOBO tanks on Unicolor motor base?

Henry Stanley
1-Aug-1998, 12:54
Can anyone tell me if I can use JOBO or Beseler 4x5 film tanks with a Unicolor rotary motor base?

Also, when switching from Yankee tank developing,, is there any modification in developing times for continuous rotary drum processing?

Thanks. -- Henry

Tim Kimbler
5-Aug-1998, 22:23
I am new to this, but I have been using the method you described for developing for the past six months. I have a JOBO 2551 tank that holds 12 sheets of film. It is great compaired to 35mm loading. I use a Beseler color motor drive. Bot h were bought for less than 100 dollars used. If the new tank is even better it must be great.