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8-Sep-2007, 16:17
I will be traveling to Palenque and the Yucatan to photograph Mayan Temple's. I have been stopped from using a tripod in the past at archaeological zones. does any one have any info on obtaining a permit besides bribing the guards.

David Millard
8-Sep-2007, 21:38
This may or may not be useful info for you, but several years ago I was blocked from using a tripod with my Pentax 67, but had no problems using a monopod at several sites (with the exception of Chichen Itza).

8-Sep-2007, 21:44
You need to go through the INAH office in Mexico City who issues the permits. I went through a major hassle in 2005 and never got a permit.

Permits cost about $100 and take 2 weeks to get, if I remember correctly.

Jorge Gasteazoro
8-Sep-2007, 22:02
Permits are now $300 dollars for EACH site. There are some sites around the most popular ones where you might be able to get away without a permit, but the main acheological sites will have plenty of people checking for permits. I wish there was any good news I could give you, but the bottom line is that you will not be able to use a tripod and obtaining a permit is just about impossible.

9-Sep-2007, 13:59
Why for gosh sake is a tripod so awful that it mush be permitted?


9-Sep-2007, 15:01
The Mexican Gov't, as it was explained to me, feels that a tripod means you are a professional and therefore will sell the image.

9-Sep-2007, 15:05
Go handheld :)

tim atherton
9-Sep-2007, 18:52
Last time I photographed in Mexico I was travelling with an old colleague from the Policía Judicial Federal Militar and who works for CISEN now. Turned out we never needed a tripod permit anywhere... :cool: