View Full Version : 75mm Lens Vignetting

8-Sep-2007, 15:03
To complement the 90/4.5 Grandagon which will be arriving in a few weeks, I would like to pick up either a 75/4.5 Nikkor or Rodenstock 75/4.5 Grandagon-N. Both of these lenses are 67mm filter mounts. I have a 67/77 SUR which I would like to use in order to take advantage of my slim mount Singh-Ray polarizers. Has anyone tried this, and if so, was vignetting a problem. I realize the recommended CF's have an 86mm front, but I really don't want to have to step up this wide.

Thanks in advance,

Bob Salomon
8-Sep-2007, 15:28
The reason the center filter has an 86mm front thread is so it won't vignette. If 82 or 77mm would not vignette the CF would have the smaller diameter. You can be pretty well assured that if you do movements you will run into mechanical vignetting with anything smaller then 86mm.

8-Sep-2007, 16:12
Thanks Bob. I have a Heliopan 86mm slim mount polarizer, but it is not warm tone like my Singh-Rays which I tend to prefer for this reason. Guess I better get a Heliopan 67-86mm SUR then. Does HP have these in stock?