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8-Sep-2007, 13:14
Here is my dilemma guys. As you can see in the picture, I have two Acme Syncro No. 3 shutters that are lensless. Does anyone have any suggestions for barrel lenses that would fit right in with no muss or fuss? I am assuming the one on the left that is submarked Kodak is from an Ektar since the aperture scale starts at f/6.3.

The Kodak version on the left has the following measurements-
front opening is 1.65"
back opening is 1.575"

The other has a scale that starts at f/4.5 and openings are-
1.75" both front and back

I would like to get some old glass since that is the kind that I like.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!



David A. Goldfarb
8-Sep-2007, 13:29
Ilex/Acme #3 shutters are likely candidates for older wideangle designs, Dagors around 8-1/4" and shorter, and quite a few casket sets, and maybe some Protars.

If you're interested in classic portrait lenses, you need a larger shutter.

Ole Tjugen
8-Sep-2007, 15:12
A Busch Vade Mecum would fit nicely in one, with SK Grimes adapters.. :)

Also most Compur #2 lenses will fit (with adapters) - such as Angulon 165/6.8, Symmar 240/5.6, Xenar 180/4.5 and Xenar Typ D 150/3.5.

Dan Fromm
8-Sep-2007, 15:17
Patrick, are you looking for lenses that will fit directly without adapters or for lenses for which adapters will have to be made?

Jim Galli
8-Sep-2007, 15:52
Unlike our modern era where lots of different mfr's lenses can fit a Copal 1 or 0 or 3, in the era of the 1950's where these shutters came from virtually nothing "just fit" right in. Every manufacturer made adapter bushings so that their lens could be used in an Ilex 3 and a different adapter bushing so the same lens could go into an Alphax 3 or whatever. There just isn't a list of lenses that will screw right into your shutters without expensive machine work.

David A. Goldfarb
8-Sep-2007, 16:14
Sorry, I took that for granted in my response. It will be hard to find barrel lenses that are a direct fit.

If you want to have barrel lenses adapted, try skgrimes.com or lensn2shutter.com.

erie patsellis
8-Sep-2007, 20:22
Patrick, I have an Ilex Paragon (5 7/8" If I remember) in an Ilex electronic, cells should screw right in. whatcha got to trade?