View Full Version : Trashed body or parts for a Cambo SCX

7-Sep-2007, 22:46
I need both a tripod block and a lens or rear standard assembly for the old Cambo SCX. Anybody have a trashed one or either of those parts, I would really appreciate hearing from you.



13-Sep-2007, 18:59
I'm still hoping someone out there will have either these parts or a whole SCX body in not so great condition that I can salvage. Please let me know.


erie patsellis
13-Sep-2007, 20:58
keh has a few SCII in their as is section, are any of the parts the same?


David Karp
13-Sep-2007, 20:59
If you can't find anything here, try calling Calumet in the Chicago area and ask to speak to Jose. The regular customer service people will not have any idea of what you are talking about. Jose knows about all there is to know about Cambo parts, the various Caltar lenses, etc. Seems like a nice guy. If they have some of these parts lying around, he will know about them.

13-Sep-2007, 21:07
Thanks for the suggestions, guys.

Erie, afraid that the mono rail is not the same and both of the parts I need ride on that rail so no compatibility.

David, I have talked with Jose on several occasions including last week and will be having him modify my zone six to add two more levels very soon. I shoot a lot of architecture in golden hour time slots, so I often have to revere the film back in order to avoid direct sun into the holder slots. The levels don't work upside down and Jose is my go to guy to fix it. As to the SCX parts, we have discussed them and his price is a bit higher than I would like unless I just can't find them anywhere else.

Thank you both.


15-Sep-2007, 08:18
There is someone selling what seems to be a allmost complete Cambo in parts on eBay. Just type in the search term "cambo" will do the trick. I'm not certain if the parts will fit your equipmnet, but give it a try.

David Karp
15-Sep-2007, 09:07
If its the one I saw yesterday, the parts are for an SC.