View Full Version : Long standard lens vs.tele design

Douglasa A. Benson
20-Jul-2000, 10:14
Assuming your camera has adequate bellows draw,is there any reason to choose a l ong focal length standard lens as opposed to a similar length tele design? Thanks, DAB.

Michael S. Briggs
20-Jul-2000, 11:15
There are several reasons. The standard lens will most likely have more coverage. It may be less expensive and lighter. Also, setting up movements with a telephoto can be confusing because the optical center of the lens is well forward of the mechanical center.

Ron Shaw
20-Jul-2000, 11:46
Wind is less of a problem with less bellows extension, which may be useful.

Dean Lastoria
20-Jul-2000, 20:24
Tele has way less movement and the circle shows up in every shot that requires a little bit of movement. I'd say don't get tele unless you have a good reason for it. Dean