View Full Version : Value of Rodenstock 210mm Macro

6-Sep-2007, 12:09
Could someone please give me an estimate of the value of a used Rodenstock 210 Makro Sironar, in good condition?

I have one, but have never used it, as I only have a 4x5 camera. Are they good lenses? Is it worth hanging on to, in case I go to one of the larger formats in the future (which is quite possible)?


Ernest Purdum
6-Sep-2007, 19:12
They are excellent lenses for their intended purpose which is taking photographs of rather small objects - from around three times larger to three times smaller than the format size. "Normal' lenses are not at their best in this range.

210mm has its uses on 4" X 5" even with small subjects. The longer length puts you further away from your subject which can have several advantages.

Regarding price, I usually suggest checking out eBay's completed auctions to get an idea of what to expect, but in this instance there are probably not enough sales to give you much help. I can only suggest that unless you are offered a significant amount, hang onto it, you'll probably find it useful. I assume that you don't have another 210. Give it a try at longer distances stopped down to f22. You may find its performance adequate. Many photographers use 210 on 4" X 5" very frequently.

Renee Galang
7-Sep-2007, 00:45
It's a great lens, its the only lens that I have for my 11x14 camera. I used to use it with my zone vi 4x5 last year (2006) when I photographed a flowering plant that I discovered. I made 12 exposures that year and one of them is on the a front page scientific journal. I will never part with my 210 macro sinorar n because of what it means to me.

Brian K
7-Sep-2007, 04:52
I own the 300 Macro and have used the 210 macro. For macro purposes the lens is excellent, for use at longer distances it is a poor performer.

16-Sep-2007, 07:29
Hi, thanks for your replies. I've been offered £300 (~$600) for the lens. Is this a fair price, or is it worth more?

I'm undecided as to what to do. I think at £300 I'd rather keep it, but then my finances are limited, so it's a bit of a waste having it sitting not being used, when I could use the money to buy a lens that I would use.