View Full Version : HC110 as paper developer?

Ben Calwell
6-Sep-2007, 06:49
Hi all -- a while back I thought I read on this forum that HC110 film developer could be used as a paper developer. Anyone ever tried this?

Greg Lockrey
6-Sep-2007, 06:59
I never tried it, but it doesn't give any indication that you can on the label. Says "Developer for Film". I'm trying to remember my basic photo chemistry, but film developers don't have something that paper developers need....or vice-versa. Paper developed in film developers were always very thin if I recall.

Mark Sampson
6-Sep-2007, 07:02
It's been said that you can use Dilution A, although it would be expensive and has limited paper capacity. It came up in a thread, someone was using it as a stopgap when they had no paper developer on hand.