View Full Version : Request Assistance on Light Leak Issue

Ben Chase
5-Sep-2007, 20:39
Friends, I am in a little bit of a bind here.

I have a consistently shaped light leak across a batch of horizontal frames. The vertical frames are perfect in every way.

I'm using a Linhof TK45s and I believe I used my Schneider 210 for all of the shots that have the light leak. I'm in the process of putting the camera on the tripod now and doing the flashlight tests to see if I can find anything obvious.

Never fails, I'm going on my 2nd Glacier trip next Wednesday through Sunday, so hopefully I can find a resolution before I leave :)

Ben Chase
5-Sep-2007, 21:26
Well I think I found it. There is a circular threaded hole that held a screw in the front standard. Light shines all the way through that hole. The Linhof board had a notch in the middle of the bottom of the lensboard.

Good news is - I FOUND THE SCREW in the camera bag. How's that for a twist of divine intervention?

After replacing the screw, I will have to do some test shots this week to make sure there aren't any other little "issues". Maybe this will teach me to do preventative maintenence after every outing!

Alan Davenport
5-Sep-2007, 21:30
And Loctite!

Ben Chase
5-Sep-2007, 21:36
Yes no doubt! Is it reasonable to think that such a large splash of light would be seen in a consistent shape like this due to a small screwhole? Shouldn't I see a ghost image since we're talking about a pinhole situation?

Ben Chase
6-Sep-2007, 09:43
Any thoughts?

6-Sep-2007, 11:24
Wow, that's not a light leak, that's a flood! The good news it's fairly well channeled onto a specific area of the film so when doing your darkroom/flashlight test, I'd move my eye across that area of the back opening to see if the light "blinks" on and off. If it does, I'd be pretty confident I'd found the source.