View Full Version : SF Bay Area LF shops?

Damon Harvey
18-Jul-2000, 23:07
I live in Berkeley CA and am wondering if there are any shops in the Bay Area that may have new/used MF and LF equipment.

Brad Evans
18-Jul-2000, 23:59
Keeble and Schucat on California Ave in Palo Alto

Adolph Gasser on 2nd St. in San Francisco -

Chris Partti
19-Jul-2000, 00:09
For used gear also try Seawood Photo in San Anselmo. East Bay Camera Exchange on Broadway in Oakland usually has a few things. Pilecki's Antique Camera & Image Exchange on Solano Ave. in Berkeley is an interesting place specializing, as the name suggests, in collectible antiques rather than "user" gear.

19-Jul-2000, 03:45
Bear Images -- Palo Alto

19-Jul-2000, 17:05
Another option, though not a store, is the once every three month Photo Fair. The Fair alternatively held in San Mateo and San Jose. Web Page: http://www.photofair.com/

Used gear dealers come from different parts of California and other states ... good amount of LF gear. I have noticed that items come in clumps... one time you will see a ton of a certain item (ie 2 Korona 7x17's) and then there won't be any for a long time.

Next one is August 26/27.