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3-Sep-2007, 10:57
I have about 40pcs of used 9x12 film holders. However, at least here in europe theres only 4x5 film available. Are they usable and sellable? At what price?
Rgds PM

Jiri Vasina
3-Sep-2007, 11:06
pmazolo, they are certainly usable. I might be interested in some of them (lets say 5pcs) - could you propose a price through PM, please? (shipment to the Czech Republic).

Foma cuts the Fomapan 100 to that size, it can be bought locally here in the Czech Republic. I'm not sure they supply outside the CZ, but you can ask your preferred suppliers of Foma stuff if they are able to ship/sell something to you. I think they should be able to provide it.

On the other hand, I can send you enough 9x12cm Fomapan 100 to pay for the 5pcs of the holders... What would you say to that ;)

On the auction site from time to time, some film pops up, E-6 most often, with C-41 only occasionally and BW rarely.

Emmanuel BIGLER
3-Sep-2007, 11:08
at least here in europe there is only 4x5 film available.
As a European living in France I disagree at least for black & white. Many black and white films being made in Europe, either Ilford, Foma, Efke, Maco/Rollei are readily availeble in 9x12; I recently bought some R3 rollei film in 9x12 for my traditional Linhof holders.

The price depends on the kind of fiim holders.
The traditional Linhof holders with the pressure plate can accommodate glass plates, but they have to be slightly thinner than 2 mm.
Around 10 euros per 9x12 holder is something reasonable.

Jiri Vasina
3-Sep-2007, 11:11
Yes, that is the reason BW film 9x12cm is scarce on the auction site. Because it's available from a lot of suppliers new, and the price is more or less (usually the second) the price for 4x5".

It's different with color, though. There 4x5" seems to be the way to go.

3-Sep-2007, 14:57
The only color film I know of still available new for 9x12cm is Kodak EPP100, Kodak E100G and Kodak EPY64.

Jan Pedersen
3-Sep-2007, 15:24
I am interested in a couple of 9x12 film holders too. Have two boxes of APX100 in the freezer that i could use if i had the holders.
PM me if you would like to ship a couple to the US.

5-Sep-2007, 11:08
Thanks everyone! Guess i have to dig them out of wherever they are, take a picture and put them on ebay in some nice batches....;-) But right now i am too busy..... will let you know here when I get the time....

Will also try a bit harder to buy some color film, perhaps...or not....since I have enough 4x5 holders too, and will probably switch to quickload....


7-Sep-2007, 19:00
Jan - as Emmanuel points out, there is some variation in the 9x12cm holders. If I hadn't promised to give these to someone on the Graflex forum, you could have had these.

The metal sheath type seems to fit the Voigtlander type backs and the Zeiss quarter plates have a little variation in what they can accept too. The furtherest left/middle types are DDS variants.

Jan Pedersen
7-Sep-2007, 19:24
Thanks for your offer RJ. There's always some on the German bay so with a little bit of patience i will get a couple. Or, sell the film.


Emmanuel BIGLER
8-Sep-2007, 10:00
It is really easy to get both new and second-hand 9x12 holders for the international 9x12 - 4x5" back.
I have new Fidelity 9x12 holders, they are still available as new items. I found mine in Germany by mail order.
I have traditional 9x12 Linhof holders with the pressure plate and the lever that tells you if the holder is loaded. That's a clever device ! I really like them even if I'll never put glass plates inside. They show up regularly on various Internet sites. Christoph Greiner in Germany stocks them at 12 euros each.
I also have a couple 9x12 Linhof holder so similar to Fidelity models that I doubt that they were made ever made in Munich ;)

Old European plate cameras use a different kind of glass plate holders.
Ole Tjungen from Norway explained to me that those metal holders are called "Millionenfalz".
They were common to different manufacturers and adaptable to different competitor cameras. Good old days !! . For example the Voigtländer Avus 9x12 uses those kind of glass plate holders. They definitely do not fit the international back without machining something as an intermediate part.

To process 9x12 films you can use either the Combi Plan rack (even if you do not use the Combi plan tank) or the Jobo drum. The Jobo spiral film holder takes the 6.5x9, 9x12 And 4x5" films. The Combi plan rack takes the same sizes in cut film plus same size in glass plates.
In the past when I was a student I have processed numerous Kodak high resolution plates (size 2-1/2"x2x1/2") in a combi plan tank.