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30-Aug-2007, 02:31
Excuse my Newbieness, but I was just wondering...

when sending exposed film to the lab in their film boxes, do you just put the sheets of film loose in the box and tape the box shut or do you put the sheet film in anything? I guess if that is the case the labs know it'll be turning up like that and handle accordingly?

Mick Fagan
30-Aug-2007, 03:32
Having worked in a lab where we received film from all sorts of photographers, I would suggest the most important piece of information is to write exactly what is inside, on the outside!

You would be surprised at the amount of trouble not telling the lab exactly what the film is, can cause you the photographer,

Generally speaking if the film can rub against anything, that isn't very good.

The best efforts were done by photographers who usually re-loaded their Kodak film back into the paper type inner sheaths the original film came in.

The film was then placed back in the inner box with some folded paper on top and then the second box against the folded paper. The third part of the box was then put on and taped up.

The idea was that as the film was under slight pressure, it wouldn't or couldn't rub against other film, or any of the packaging.

I have seen film that has been through the postal system, which had some rub marks on every sheet.

Film is very tough, but it pays to ensure that however you pack it, make it a snug fit.

But once again the most important information is to clearly, usually in BOX letters, tell the lab exactly what it is and how you wish for it to be processed, if you need special processing that is.

With Ilford film, like what I have been using of late, the film comes in a single inner container, which is not a paper type of material, more like a plastic bag. I would be tempted to put the film back into that, ensure it doesn't float around and send it off.