View Full Version : Tmax 100 Slide Processing

29-Aug-2007, 21:20
Anyone have experience with this? Kodak makes a positive kit.

Thanks in advance,

Paul Moshay
29-Aug-2007, 23:02
The Kodak kit works well but is expensive. If you can mix your own I can supply the formulas I got from Darkroom Techniques a few years ago. It is lot less expensive and works well with TMax100 and TMax400 at full film speed. Email me at pmoshay at dslextreme dot com and I can send it to you. Paul

Ron Marshall
30-Aug-2007, 04:25
Dr5 Chrome is a company that provides this service:


Brian Ellis
31-Aug-2007, 10:11
I used the Kodak kit several times years ago to make positives for submission to juried exhibitions. It wasn't difficult to do and I got good results but IIRC mixing up a full kit at a time resulted in a lot of excess chemistry that went to waste unless you were doing a whole bunch of images at the same time.