View Full Version : how to remove 360 Symmar from Sinar Board?

Tim Deming
29-Aug-2007, 12:22
Hi all-

I just received a Symmar 360/620 f5.6 convertible in compound shutter mounted to a Sinar board, and want to remount the lens into a wood board for my Deardorff. The trick is, the lens is essentially "front-mounted" to the Sinar board, and the rear element group seems to be integrally connected to the board, unless I'm missing something obvious. To get the lens off, do I need to unscrew the rear group from the shutter, or remove a retaining ring from the back? It looks like the ring on the back will remove the rear group, but not release the lens.

I guess I can always bolt the whole thing to a Deardorff board if I need to, but would like something a bit less clunky. Help would be appreciated from those who have played with these types of mounts before!



Jim Noel
29-Aug-2007, 19:47
Remove the rear element or the mounting ring, whichever comes off first. I suspect it is the rear element. It should be easy from there.

Glenn Thoreson
29-Aug-2007, 20:13
What are those little clips (?) I see ? That looks like a rather strange way to mount a lens. The shutter should just unscrew from the rear group.
Then, maybe those clips (?) hold the rear group to the board ?

Ole Tjugen
29-Aug-2007, 22:51
It looks to me as if the rear cell is sitting inside a snug "cone"? Unscrew the front cell, then the shutter, and see what drops out. :)

Struan Gray
30-Aug-2007, 00:27
My 360 Symmar was in exactly this sort of mounting. It lets you use the lens in front of the Sinar copal shutter. The 'wierd' clips are the 'Micky Mouse' aperture control, which lets you set the aperture from the rear of the camera.

The rear element is a snug fit inside the cone, but it will unscrew in the normal way. If you can't get a grip on it, try placing it onto a (clean) rubber or silicone mat, pressing down, and turning the lensboard. Once the rear element is undone, you will see a normal retaining ring holding the shutter onto the front of the cone. Unscrew that and the shutter and front element will come off the cone in the normal way. The coupling for the Mickey Mouse control should just unhitch, but occasionally there is a small set screw holding it in place - if there is, just unscrew it so that the shutter's aperture control is decoupled.

It can be tricky to unscrew the shutter's retaining ring, since conventional spanner-wrenches cannot fit inside the cone. I use a pair of long-bladed screwdrivers set the correct distance apart in a bench vise - it worked a treat.

Tim Deming
30-Aug-2007, 08:05
Thanks Struan!

I will give it a try tonight. I have a long spanner so should be able to get the retaining ring off without too much difficulty, just need to get a hold of the rear group.