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John Kasaian
28-Aug-2007, 22:30
No doom and gloom--just an observation. The family Olympus was likely ripped off. I went to Costco to see what a replacement would run me and...not a single 35mm was in the camera department:confused: . I looked around for the "great yellow wall"--Costco (this one anyway) always stocked a giant mountain of Kodak Gold 200 asa. It was---gone:eek: ! I searched around and next to those little fridges they sell for dorms I found a couple of cartons of Fuji color 400 and a few Fuji single use disposables. Thats it.
This is no great loss to me (other than I still don't have my Olympus Stylus) since I only shot tri-x and Tmax 400 in 35mm ( films which AFAIK Costco never stocked) and Badger Graphic and Freestyle are my sheet, roll film suppliers anyway (I get my 35mm from the local independent guys.)
More curious, I was wondering what this says about 'consumer' 35mm? Is it being digitally eliminated from the market? I get that impression since I don't know of any of the big names making non-disposable 35mm cameras anymore---and why make film for cameras you can't re-load?
What does this have to do with LF? Just that such things really have little effect I suppose. Kodak 200 Gold was never to my knowlege offered in sheets so I can't imagine that if it were "offed'' in 35mm that that would have any effect on my sheet TXP or TMY film. Fuji should be applauded if only for sticking in there with such a big retail outfit. Whether or not Costco continues to stock Fuji is anyone's guess---like I said my local Costco only had a few cartons of the stuff. Maybe on next month's trip I'll learn more. I'll have to see if they still offer 35mm processing. This situation kind of lends creedence to Ilford's positon on film put out during the silver symposium---that it is becoming a niche market for hobbyists and artists.

Bring it on! It is the hobbyists and artists who muddle about with sheet film:)

Good night and good luck!
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Oren Grad
28-Aug-2007, 22:43
I get that impression since I don't know of any of the big names making non-disposable 35mm cameras anymore

Of the former "big five", as of now, Canon and Nikon still offer new 35mm SLRs, and Canon and Olympus new 35mm P&S.

John Kasaian
28-Aug-2007, 23:01
hmmm....I went to the Olympus site and checked the "find a dealer near you" page---according to the site there isn't an Olympus 'film camera' dealer within 120 miles of me!

No problem---I have a Minox 35 around here some place...and a Lomo "bubble"...and I can always take the F2 Nikon out of mothballs :)

29-Aug-2007, 04:17
hey john

check out KEH, or eBoo, you can replace your olympus
for about 20$ with a new one. that's what we did ...

sorry someone took yours for the 5-finger-discount :(

Terence McDonagh
29-Aug-2007, 06:02
I agree with using KEH. I got a new-in-box Stylus for $35. Still had the seal on the box. My only regret is I didn't get the zoom model.

Ron Bose
29-Aug-2007, 07:03
The sucker who stole yours is going to be severely disapointed ! No doubt he/she thought they were stealing a digital P&S ....

David A. Goldfarb
29-Aug-2007, 07:20
Saw a Canon film Rebel among the digitals at Target a few days ago. I didn't note how many of the P&S cameras were film.

In my new neighborhood, which is mostly Dominican and working class, there are quite a few minilabs. They all offer digital services and seem to do some portrait and wedding business on the side, but they also sell color neg film and film disposable cameras.

John Kasaian
29-Aug-2007, 07:55
Hey, its great to hear that Costco isn't a harbinger of digitalis! I just live in the wrong nieghborhood I guess :)
I really like those little point n' shoots. Thanks for the tip about Keh, john!

Brian Ellis
29-Aug-2007, 08:25
Of the former "big five", as of now, Canon and Nikon still offer new 35mm SLRs, and Canon and Olympus new 35mm P&S.

True, but of course Nikon did drop seven of the nine different 35mm SLRs it used to make, keeping only the F6 and the FM.

29-Aug-2007, 08:26
John, you're looking at the wrong store - if there ever was an icon of mass consumption, Costco was one of the two. Walmart sells smaller quantities and does not require membership. ;)

You can't find even Mac hardware or software there, despite the fact that, unlike 35mm film, Macs have at least 5% of the market. And rising.