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28-Aug-2007, 18:20
I am interested in seeing what an 80mm or wider looks like on large format.

Please post your photos here.

28-Aug-2007, 18:25
Hello David,
Here's my 4x5 attempt. Nikkor-SW 4/65 wide open.


David A. Goldfarb
28-Aug-2007, 18:36
Here are a few I've posted before.

75mm/4.5 Grandagon-N on 4x5"--


120mm/14 Berthiot Perigraphe on 8x10" (equivalent to 60mm on 4x5")--


Here's a link to a postcard I made using the 65/8 Super-Angulon on 4x5" with a little too much front rise, but in the end I decided the vignetting was okay in an Atget kind of way--


Attached is just a test shot with the 55/4.5 Apo-Grandagon on 4x5"

Mark Sawyer
28-Aug-2007, 21:38
From a 75mm Hypergon on an 8x10...

John Brady
29-Aug-2007, 04:48
Here is one with a 47xl f22 1sec on an ebony 45su, I also shoot with a 58xl and 72xl...

John Brady
29-Aug-2007, 05:09
Sorry I couldn't resist here is one from my 58xl.

29-Aug-2007, 05:45
Linhof Technikardan 45S, Rodenstock f6.8 75mm Grandagon N MC, Fujichrome Velvia (50), Tiffen 812 Warming filter.


Brian Vuillemenot
29-Aug-2007, 11:53
Here's a couple shot with a 58mm SAXL.

29-Aug-2007, 15:27
Nikkor 4/65 with 4x5 Fomapan 200 again


29-Aug-2007, 16:47
These are some excellent examples. thanks so much

adrian tyler
1-Sep-2007, 08:29
all of these:


1-Sep-2007, 10:39
From a 75mm Hypergon on an 8x10...

I like it - didn't know that was possible

Paul Metcalf
1-Sep-2007, 10:50
Rodenstock 90mm interior on 4x5, 8 minute or so exposure. Could have used a 72mm.

Mark Sawyer
1-Sep-2007, 11:00
I like it - didn't know that was possible

When you have a Goerz Hypergon, all things are possible...

Ron Marshall
1-Sep-2007, 15:39
This is a 75mm on 5x7 (hyperfocal).

Gene McCluney
2-Sep-2007, 09:40
This is the Bridge at Eagles Bluff in Cherokee county in Oklahoma. 65mm Super Angulon on 4x5 Super Graphic. 4x5 Fortepan 200. I used a red filter, was going for the dark-dramatic look.

Baxter Bradford
2-Sep-2007, 11:23
Sennen Beach 58mmXL with Centre filter and 0.9 ND grad. Crop due to overambitious application of front rise....

Inner harbour Newlyn with 58XL and centre filter

Don Hutton
2-Sep-2007, 11:47
Rhinefield House (in the New Forest, UK)... 80mmXL with CF, cropped to 6x12 (shot on 4x5).