View Full Version : 203mm f/7.7 aperture question

John Kasaian
28-Aug-2007, 07:53
I fitted my 203mm f/7.7 ektar to my 5x7 speeder (This was one of the focal length lenses originally fitted to the 5x7 speeder according to my research) I'll be visiting a Boy Scout camp in a few days and I though hand-held is the way to go with these fast moving subjects. My question is this: handheld I'll be limited to larger apertures. I know shooting 4x5s that the 127 Ektar performs nicely at f/8-f/16, but what kind of performance can I expect with the 203mm at f/7.7 to (maybe) f/16? It occured to me that I've never used this lens "wide open" before:eek: Oh yeah, I've got HP-5+ in the holders.

Brook Martin
28-Aug-2007, 08:35
IIRC the 203 7.7 is sharpest wide open by design. By experience, it looks fantastic wide open. have fun!

John Kasaian
28-Aug-2007, 08:52

28-Aug-2007, 09:24
Chris Perez tested the 203 Ektar
I believe his results confirm the above-good lpm from the git-go

Mark Sampson
28-Aug-2007, 11:18
You can find somebody's tests of various Ektars through the front page of this site. Can't remember if the 203 is there, though.

Glenn Thoreson
28-Aug-2007, 11:29
I have a 5X7 Speed Graphic. Shooting fast moving kids, hand held, with it should be a daunting challenge. No worry about the sharpness of your lens. It will compete with anyhing made today. My 5X7 is equipped with a No. 33 Kodak Anastigmat, which gives much brigher corners than my 203 Ektar. For sharpness, though, the Ektar can't be beat.
For those of you who have never seen a 5X7 Speed Graphic, it's a sight to behold.