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Rich Long
28-Aug-2007, 05:06
I have a Nikkor W 135 that I bought used a few months ago. It's an older version, with a chrome speed ring on the Copal O shutter. Not the oldest "sawtooth" chrome ring, but the more recent "block-step"(??) chrome ring. It appears to be lightly used and in very good condition.

Although the aperture adjustment is normal and the shutter speeds seem accurate (based on transparencies and observation, not actual testing), the shutter-speed ring is very stiff. Stiff enough that I expect the lens to turn in the board every time I change shutter speeds. I thought that perhaps the mounting ring was too tight causing something to bind, but it makes no difference whether the lens is mounted on a board or if the mounting ring is completely removed.

I suspect that the fix involves transport by UPS to SKG for a CLA, but thought I'd seek confirmation here first (CYA?). :D

I'm far from an expert, but I've had 10 or so used lenses over the past few years and haven't run into this before. Is it a common problem likely to be fixed by a CLA, or is it an indicator of the shutter's impending doom?

Any idea how the backlog is at SKG? I'm planning a photo trip at the end of September.

28-Aug-2007, 05:41
It could be a simple fix of adjusting the retaining ring on the front of the shutter. Take the front lens off the shutter and you will see a ring lock in by a screw that part of it was cut off. Turn the cut screw until the retaining ring can turn. Adjust to what you like and lock the retaining ring back. Or the lens sat around and the lub is gum up and the lens needs cleaning in that area.


Rich Long
28-Aug-2007, 09:39
Thanks, Richard. I've not taken the front element off a lens before. I'll check that out.

Glenn Thoreson
28-Aug-2007, 11:15
Rich, the whole front group just screws off the shutter. The binding is likely due to gummy grease under the ring. An easy fix.

Rich Long
28-Aug-2007, 16:51
Thanks, guys. Pardon my inadvertent use of the term "element" there. Not sure where that came from, but it scares me reading it... :eek:

I'll unscrew the front half of the lens from the shutter and see what I can see.