View Full Version : rodenstock 250 pantagonal lense

rich silha
12-Oct-2000, 22:57
i'm looking for a wide-angle lense to cover my 20x24 camera. something wider that my 16" 7.7 dagor that doesn't cover this format. someone told me to look for a 250mm pantagonal lense made by rodenstock. anyone have information about this lense or know who has one to sell please contact me.

adam friedberg
13-Oct-2000, 11:54
call jeffrey at lens&repro 212.675.1900. he'll know about this and other options.

Rob Tucher
16-Oct-2000, 11:20
Jeffry has a 165 Pantagon right now for $3500 that covers 17" and possibly a little more. Must be fabulous but the price! He has some Hypergons with and without fans (a mechanical means of dealing with light fall-off) also. But I talked to him about the Pantagon and it is the only one he has ever seen in his many years of business so Hypergon (a bit cheaper than Pantagon) is his only option. I don't recall what he has in stock.