View Full Version : qucikfix II and gitzo 1570 head

27-Aug-2007, 09:16
Does this combination work??????? It would used with an 8x10. Let me know. thanks guys.


Bob Salomon
27-Aug-2007, 09:49
It does if you have the current Quickfix with the chrome release lever. It may not if you have the original one with the red lever.

Original Quickfix bases had the red lever on the bottom of the base. While this posed no problem with Linhof heads with their 77mm diameter base plate it did limit it's use on some other manufacturer's heads. They changed both the QF I and the QF II to a new version several years ago. The new version has the release lever positioned between the camera plate and the base and they made the lever silver in color. That change resulted in a flat base with no lever to get in the way with any head.